Boost Your Business Performance using CoMetrix Technology

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CoMetrix provides powerful tools that are designed to assist you to manage your adviser network and help improve your productivity.

  • Model your Business

    Recognising the complexity of your business, we have designed the CoMetrix system to maintain an intelligent model containing an unlimited organisational hierarchy that matches your business. Your model contains all your information about your entities - licensee(s), practices, advisers and clients and much more - in one integrated database. You can manage documents, activities, inbound and outbound emails, and workflows, for all your entities.

    Dynamic attributes allow you to extend the database with an unlimited number of new data items without any need to change the underlying database structure.

  • Improve your Processes

    CoMetrix provides user-definable workflows and surveys, as well as document management and generation. Workflow processes can be attached to practices, advisers and clients - boosting the productivity of your compliance and vetting reviews, improving your adviser monitoring & supervision processes, as well as adviser recruitment, onboarding and offboarding.

  • Process & Report on your Revenues

    Improve your Revenue and Remuneration processing & reporting performance, and integrate this information with your adviser monitoring & supervision, compliance, FDS and Opt-In data management and reporting, document management, competency management, adviser recruitment, APL and financial reporting.

    Our management reporting employs a variety of financial (and non-financial) metrics - including client/adviser income, inforce premium and FUM/flows, trend reports, income performance, new product sales reports, etc. These provide advisers, compliance, research and licensee management with the latest information that they need. Licensee management can monitor the business performance of individual advisers and practices. Reports can be consolidated up to regions and states, and beyond – to the overall licensee level. New product sales reports allow research staff to monitor sales of new products, or even sales of products that are not listed in the APL.

  • Better support for your Advisers

    Our self-service facilities allows advisers to access revenue reports itemised by client, product and provider, and income categories, as well as income broken down by investment and life, upfront and recurring (by platform), fee for service, allowances and deductions, bonuses, and negative balances. Advisers can generate RCTIs and access their distribution agreements.

    Enhanced adviser support includes multiple Help Desks to manage issues for a range of areas such as revenue processing, compliance support, technical support etc, through to their resolution. Advisers can even create Help Desk items by sending an email to a nominated email address, and then track the progress of each item.

  • Manage your Clients

    You can create invoices for service fees, and track your clients' revenues over time. This helps to detect points at which a client may have chosen a different adviser, or where the platform data might contain errors. You can use an unlimited number of "tags" to manage and report on books of business and even client segments. You can build workflows to help manage specific client-related compliance remediation issues. If they are not using an adviser desktop system, your practices can become more agile, efficient and productive if they use CoMetrix workflows to assist with their business processes.

  • Manage your Adviser Competencies

    CoMetrix incorporates a competency-based framework that enables the recording & reporting of adviser qualifications, associations and accreditations. This allows you to record all product and advice competencies and accreditations. You can also generate authorisation certificates and FSGs in real time.