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Growing your business turns into a simplified process when you leverage CoMetrix, the software built for licensees.

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CoMetrix from Cirrus Technologies is a secure, modern, cloud-based Integrated Licensee Management System that gives your business a tremendous competitive advantage. Its revenue management module and powerful reporting bring significant business growth opportunities. It includes powerful tools to help you fulfil your adviser supervision obligations, helping to reduce your risk and ensure consistency in complex business structures.

If you are seeking a robust, secure, highly functional, and affordable compliance and revenue management solution, CoMetrix is the clear choice — no matter how large or small your organisation, whether you are a new licensee, or whether you are an existing licensee that would consider an alternative to what you have been using.

Are you using EasyDealer? Through our native EasyDealer database support, we can help you by migrating your data into CoMetrix. All of your historical EasyDealer information is available for reporting within our robust new and fully supported revenue management solution.

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  • Integrated Solution

    CoMetrix is a highly integrated solution across adviser supervision, compliance, and revenue management. Our integration allows you to exploit implicit connections in the data that you cannot do with point solutions.

  • Industry Focus

    CoMetrix combines a strong industry focus combined with a strong technology base. Years of experience with our financial services customers means that we can speak your language and we understand your most important issues.

  • Highly Functional and Customisable

    CoMetrix includes highly functional and comprehensive capabilities that are customisable for each client. If you need to integrate your CoMetrix data with your other systems, we can bring our experience, technology integration skills and expertise.

  • Revenue Management: Inhouse or Outsourced

    You may choose to use CoMetrix to do your revenue management using your own inhouse resources — or you can outsource it to us to do it for you, with the backing of our Service Level Guarantee that ensures we deliver. Find out all about our outsourced revenue and remuneration operations.

  • Highly Secure

    From the security protection we have built into CoMetrix itself, to our secure cloud with military-grade security, you can be assured that we have left no stone unturned in our efforts to keep your valuable data secure. Our data sovereignty policy respects you as the sole owner of your data, and we have made significant efforts to protect your data from the legal jurisdiction and privacy regulations of other countries.

    CoMetrix runs in the Vault in the Cloud

    We have done the hard work by building many enterprise-level security capabilities into CoMetrix. Our security scales up and down, so no matter how large or small your organisation, you can reap the full benefits of the very high protection that we provide to keep your data from unauthorised access.

  • We Deliver Value

    We understand that licensees are under increasing pressure to deliver more services for their advisers, with limited budgets. That's why we have made CoMetrix affordable, and priced to match the size of your business as it grows.