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We are committed to the success of your business by providing additional services that improve productivity and save you money.

There are many factors to consider when making the decision to outsource your revenue and remuneration operations. Which services will you outsource? Which vendor should you choose? What questions should you ask? How do you manage your risk? We hope our white paper will help you to navigate this process.

  • Revenue and Remuneration Operations

    You can achieve significant cost savings by outsourcing this critical business operation. You can also reduce your exposure to key clerical staff, allowing them to focus on other value-adding business activities that benefit you and your advisers.

    We have experience and expertise in timely and accurate commissions revenue and remuneration operations, using our "battle hardened" CoMetrix RnR software in a highly secure environment.

    • We execute the end to end brokerage process, freeing your staff for other activities.
    • We distribute the income to your authorised representatives and referrers, including generation of a bank payment file.
    • Advisers can access the system for self-service reporting that gives them all the information they need, as well as client invoicing and RCTI generation.
    • We fit in with your payment timetable, whether your payment frequency is daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
    • We can do as little or as much as you require, with a range of services from executing every step in the process, to maintaining new adviser records and distribution agreements, liaising with all product providers, managing adviser queries via your dedicated Help Desk and 1300 number, training new and existing advisers, interacting with your finance team/providing journals suitable for your accounting systems. and much more.
    • Our Service Level Agreement ensures on-time processing with well-defined service deliverables and contingencies and a communication plan for your key stakeholders, and gives you peace of mind that we have this crucial business function fully covered.
    • Our strong security means that your data is secure and is separated from other customers' data.
    • Our service appears to your advisers as a seamless extension of your business.
  • Software and Data Integration

    By integrating CoMetrix with your other systems, you can save time and money by having all the information that you need at your fingertips. Our skills and expertise in using a variety of tools and techniques to integrate systems and data is matched by our willingness to help.

    Some examples of CoMetrix integration capabilities are:

    • CoMetrix APIs allow you to create & execute workflows and create documents, help desk items and activities.
    • The CoMetrix Email Gateway provides easy and direct access to these APIs, so you do not have to write any software! For example, a vetting workflow can be initiated simply by sending an email to CoMetrix.
    • The CoMetrix Agent for Outlook integrates with the Microsoft Outlook APIs and the CoMetrix Email Gateway to extend Outlook with functionality for the user to easily and reliably record activities in CoMetrix, without leaving Outlook.
    • CoMetrix integrates with the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) APIs to allow easy reporting writing. Again, there is no need to write any software!
    • CoMetrix APIs also allow you to easily search for companies, people and documents. These can be used by your website to easily incorporate adviser search functionality.
    • CoMetrix integrates with APIs to load, search and report from ASIC and Tax Practitioner's Board datasets.
    • CoMetrix imports over 90 provider revenue statement formats in their native format, and also supports Extended Platform Interface (EPI) 3.2.2 and 4.0 APIs.
    • CoMetrix imports client information from the major providers in their native format, as well as EPI 4.0. CoMetrix also exchanges data with CCUBE and Xero.
    • CoMetrix integrates with Open Web Application Security Project APIs (OWASP) to provide enterprise-level security that helps protect your information from unauthorised access. CoMetrix also integrates with ClamAV to to ensure all files loaded into CoMetrix are checked for viruses, and appropriate measures are taken.
    • CoMetrix integrates with SMS Global to provide robust messaging services.
    • Additionally, we can build custom web services/APIs for you.